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  • Eco Laundry Box by us & the Earth at Moppy and Eco
  • Eco Laundry Box by us & the Earth at Moppy and Eco
  • Microfibre bags by us & and Earth at Moppy and Eco
  • Soap Berries by us & the Earth by Moppy and Eco
  • Stainless Steel Pegs by us & the Earth at Moppy and Eco
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us & the EARTH

us & the EARTH Eco Laundry Box - Wash Consciously

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$116.00 AUD

The new Eco Laundry Box, with all things 'laundry'. None of us like spending more time in the laundry than we need, and the thought of chemicals and pollutants is horrible. We want your family, and the planet, to be as healthy as possible and this collections of products allow you to do just that!

In this mega laundry kit, I have included the following environmentally friendly products to get you as sustainable as possible and toxic-free at the same time:

  • Merino Wool Dryer Balls - $18.00
  • Soap Berries 250g - $15.50
  • 'Essentially Australia' Australian Eucalyptus - 12ml - $10.00 
  • 'Essentially Australia' Lemon Ironbark - 12ml - $10.00
  • Set of 2 Microfibre Bags - $58.00
  • Stainless Steel Pegs (16pcs) - $15.00

Value- $126.50 / Total Savings - $10.50 per box

Here is what's in the box:

Merino Wool Dryer Balls - When you must use the dryer, throw in a few of these 100% organic Merino Wool balls to cut down drying time up to 30% saving a heap of electricity. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil for amazingly fresh scented laundry.

Soap Berries 50g 100% natural, also known as 'soapnuts', they grow on trees in the Himalayas and contain saponin which is the foaming agent. Use for toxic free soap by adding 5 berries to the extra drawstring bag and throw into your wash. Add a few drops of pure and natural essential oils also to make sure your clothes smell freshly divine! 

Pure Australian Essential Oils by 'Essentially Australia' - So thrilled to be collaborating with this leading Aussie Essential oil brand that uses native flora to create their sublime oils. We have two in this Eco Laundry Box - 'Eucalyptus Australiana' & 'Eucalyptus LemonBark'. Pop a few drops of either oil into your washing machine when you use the soapberries or onto your wool dryer balls to scent your clothes. Other Uses: Can also be diffused or combined with a carrier oil and used topically. Add a few drops into a bath.

Set of 2 Microfibre Bags - Microplastics in the ocean is a real thing and washing anything synthetic in your washing machine causes tiny little fibres to break off. They end up down the drain and into the waterways. Marine creatures then ingest these plastic fragments causing sickness, disease and often death.  

Small 20 x 30 cms & Large 50 x 70 cms

Stainless Steel Pegs - 16 pegs in a drawstring cotton bag. Created from one piece of Grade 201 stainless steel wire, there are 4 varying sizes from small to extra large. Super strong, durable, recyclable. Strong enough to hang sneakers, delicate enough for underwear and there are no edges to catch fibres to will look after your clothes.  A must-have alternative to plastic pegs.