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  • Eco Bathroom Mini Bundle by us & the Earth at Moppy and Eco
  • Bamboo toothbrush and stand by us & the earth at Moppy and Eco
  • Konjac sponges by us & the earth at Moppy and Eco
  • Biodegradable Eco Dental Floss by us & the Earth at Moppy and Eco
  • Sisal soap saver by us & the Earth at Moppy and Eco
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us & the EARTH

us & the EARTH Eco Bathroom Mini Bundle

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$33.50 AUD

Get a great start on de-plastifying your bathroom. It can be ones of the biggest culprits in the entire house and to have a sustainable self care and bathroom routine, there is no better time to start than now! 

  • Konjac Sponge
  • A Bamboo Toothbrush
  • A Bamboo Toothbrush Stand
  • Eco Dental Floss
  • Sisal Soap Saver

In this bundle you will receive

- a Konjac sponge which is a natural, all organic sponge that is super easy to use and lasts for soooo long. At the end of it's life ( mine is still going after almost a year) you can pop it into your compost bin as it's made from the konjac root - 100% natural

- a bamboo toothbrush. We use over 60million plastic toothbrushes in Australia per year. Change to a natural bamboo toothbrush for your oral hygiene. Snap off the nylon bristles, dispose off normally, then compost your bamboo handle.

- a bamboo toothbrush stand. This has a little drainage hole at the bottom too. Totally compostable.

- 30 metres of eco dental floss. we have two types, the black is bamboo/charcoal and then white is cornstarch/mint. They come in a refillable glass jar

- an all natural sisal soap saver. One of the most important switches is going from a plastic pump container to a natural bar soap and this little  exfoliating soap saver bag creates lots of suds, gives your skin a good rub and can contains lots of those little 'end' bits that may look ugly in your soap dish. Pop into the compost when finished.

Please note that we will choose the colours that we put into your bundle unless you leave a specific note. They are all amazing!