Wild Apparel

Wild Apparel was born out of a desire to deepen our environmental mission through Wild Education and to have a simple way for people to enter the 'sustainability realm'. Our mission through Wild has always been to educate and empower people about the environment and to be an advocate for our earth. 
Wild Apparel was founded in August of 2020, however, we have been running our small conservation business, Wild Education over the last 5 years. Everything we do with Wild Apparel has the environment as a top priority! We are learning everyday in this new space and will continue to adjust and evolve our practises as we grow.
I want to thank each individual for supporting Wild, whether that be over the last 5 years, or this is your first time interacting with us. I appreciate you!
For The Wild.
With love,
Roxy Rogan
Founder of Wild Apparel & Wild Education

Our Impact

Our goal with Wild Apparel is to help make the world a better place, whilst leaving behind the smallest footprint!

Here is what we are doing to stay true to our eco goals! 

  • Almost ALL of our products are made with 100% Organic cotton! Organic is super soft, doesn't use any harmful chemicals or pesticides (because save the bees!) & uses far less water than its non- organic partner. 

  • We plant a tree with every product sold with our partners at One Tree Planted & The Last Of The Wild Places. This helps us off set our carbon footprint & help revive and restore ecosystems.

  • Our products are made in a facility that runs off 100% renewable energy and is carbon neutral. 

  • Wild Apparel Australia has our staff and production carbon offset through 'Our Trace'
  • The dye processing takes placed in a closed loop, water purification system which uses treatment ponds, sand filtration and reverse osmosis to convert the water waste into clean water.

  • Our products are made to order in small batches that are purposefully meant to sell out in order to reduce our waste!

  • Our style is simplistic and timeless.

  • Our garments are high-quality and durable, we encouraging only buying what you need. Our products are designed to be staples in your wardrobes! So you can get a million wears out of them :) 

  • Our shipping packaging is compostable & recyclable!

  • We ship using our partners at Sendle who are 100% Carbon Neutral delivery service.

  • 10% of our profits go back into helping fund our business Wild Education (TM) Wild Education is a conservation education enterprise who specialises in holistic forms of education. To find out more about wild, head to www.wildeducation.net



  •  We are aligned with Earth Positive and the Fair Wear Foundation to ensure that workers are being treated ethically and have good working conditions

  • Our products are aligned with Responsible Cotton Act to ensure that the Environmental Justice Foundation and the 'Clean Cotton Campaign' allows complete traceability of the organic cotton.

  • 10% of our profits go back into helping fund Wild Education (TM) When you purchase from Wild Apparel, you are helping a conservation education efforts!

  • Our garments are made overseas in India in an ethical and sustainable business through Earth Positive. Our designing, printing & all other business related aspects are done in Australia. 

  • We have made our products as affordable as possible without compensating for lack of quality! Our products are designed to last and we wish for everyone to be able to have access to quality and sustainable clothing.

  • We promote diversity and inclusivity within our brand. We are always improving on how we can make our brand more accessible.