Since 2014, The Brown Paper Movement has always stood for change. From the business name to the paper we use, there is an ethos that lies behind it in sustainability and stationery going beyond the norm. Stationery that matters. Our calendars remind you to pause, reflect and take time to put pen to paper.

Every year, we make a small batch of calendars for our community. After this, they are made to order.
We don’t mass produce and pride ourselves on staying small.

In 2018, we added a notepad to the back of all calendars so you can use your it long after the year is over.
We encourage flipping the page, jotting down notes, creative thoughts or letting your kids draw and play on the paper.

Our calendars are made with locally sourced papers from England, Germany and Sweden.
The content of these are either made from recycled fibres from post-consumer waste or acid-free cotton pulp without optical brightness additives.

 When you receive your calendar, you may sometimes find your cardboard mailer or box isn’t brand new

Where possible we re-use the packaging we receive for your orders and when we run out, we purchase FSC certified, recycled cardboard.
We also envelope your calendar in a clear bio-degradable corn/potato starch sleeve.

About Olivia

Born in Sydney, I’m a self-confessed paper lover, maker of custom calendars and founder of 'The Brown Paper Movement' The story starts halfway during my studies of Interior Architecture and working as a candle-maker. Candle wax was always delivered crisp, beautifully textured cardboard boxes particularly of the tan coloured variety.

Using this as a new medium to present my projects, the collection of brown paper boxes began. Around March 2010 and I still hadn't found the right calendar to complement my new aesthetic. Excitedly, I created a simple calendar template and the idea was born. I opened my online store via Etsy in 2014 and continued ever since !

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