Are you inspired by nature? Do you love to shine? I got you!
Solart mixes colour and nature with play, heart and fluidity.
I’m Leela, designer and owner of Solart, and I create from my soul for yours with the intention to uplift, connect and consciously help you shine, utilising the beauty of nature and life’s connecting threads as inspiration for my visual expression.
The name Solart has come from ‘sol’ as the ‘sun’ - nature, and Soul in connection - to the self.
I paint in the moment, it’s a flowing meditation between the inks and paper, an ongoing exploration of texture and vibrancy. Colour is my language, fluidity the accent and spontaneity the tone.
Sections of each painting are scanned, printed via UV and applied to my earring designs on beautiful sustainable woods, laser cut into natural shapes. Each pair of earrings are odd yet match as a pair derived from the same artwork. Made of wood, Solart earrings are super lightweight and so comfortable to wear.
My work comes from a genuine heart space. I am excited to share, connect and bring joy to you through this ongoing exploration of design, playfulness and vibrancy.
All Solart products are made here in Melbourne Australia, so rest assured you are helping a small business grow when you purchase something special.
Want more inspiration? Check out my latest collection ‘Savour’ with beautiful bold colour, created to add joy to every day and help any outfit pop!
Solart was born while studying astrology and graphic design, and evolved to where it is now through experimentation and application of ideas passion and personal touch.

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