enkinder. eyewear


enkindler. is owned by two Kiwi's living in the Bay of Plenty, Jess and Scott.
Keeping it real and keeping it local.

We are fixed on the idea of using superior and more natural products to better your days and enhance your look.

Quality, style and service is our goal.


All enkindler. eyewear has been expertly handcrafted from natural woods! There are also a select few within our range that have been forged together with carbon fibre to create our most classically advanced shade we could imagine. Super strong, light, and super stylish.

Each pair has wooden layers, meticulously moulded together to create an extremely desirable look and feel, and then joined with stainless steel spring hinges for a smooth finish and a comfortable fit.

Being a natural product, each pair of enkindler. shades are individual - no wood grain is the same. This means that every pair is individual, for the individual wearing them. Your pair of sunglasses are one of one - special, just for you!

What to love about our eyewear:
🌲 super lightweight (about 33% lighter than regular sunglasses)
🌲 totally unique as different grains and colours are shown in the natural woods
🌲 more sustainable than classic plastic options, storing carbon from the atmosphere in natural woods
🌲 handcrafted to perfection just for you
🌲 quality TAC tri-acetate cellulose polarised lens that are derived from plants and have a extremely high protection from the suns uv rays

And I think you'll agree with us.... they are 100% kick ass!

Explore our styles and become the enkindler.

Live Once. Live Bold.