Bowral Bee Company

We are a small family owned Australian business situated in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales in Australia. 

We started this company as we found a demand for naturally sourced products that were environmentally friendly and sustainable. To reduce our Carbon footprint on the environment, our products are packaged either in Aluminium tins or biodegradable recycled cardboard jars. This reduces our environmental impact. 

Our commitment to the environment will make our future a lot greener. A greener planet means less waste in our oceans and landfill for future generations.

Our products are environmentally friendly. 

We do not test our products on animals. Zero animal cruelty. 

Our handmade Bees Wax products are from natural ingredients which are locally sourced.

The wax is sourced from our own apiary and other local beekeepers.

Our Vegan products contain naturally occurring Candelilla Wax and 100% Organic Cotton. Vegan Lip Balms contain no animal sourced products and are completely natural. 

Our Hand made Hand/Body Lotions are all 100% Vegan friendly and are handmade. 

We are proudly Australian Owned and Operated. All our products are Australian made by us.
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