Black Wattle Woodshop

Working with our hands has always been something that sat in the back of our minds since we were both children. With jobs that have us both working in an office, woodworking became our hobby, a way of relaxing after a day of being stuck inside. Our passion for spoon carving started one camping trip, when relaxing by the fire one cold afternoon, Steve picked up a knife and piece of wattle he had found. That spoon, whilst rustic in nature, piqued Catie's interest, and she too gave carving a go. Before we knew it, both of us were hooked. 

 Both Steve and Catie have a deep care for the Australian environment which is shown through our carvings. Over the years, Catie has developed a simple carving technique to add this love of Australian flora to her cheese platters and grazing boards. Inspired by many holidays spend in National Parks, and their native garden, Catie carves iconic flowers

 Steve Eames

By day Steve works in one of Brisbane's major hospitals, but on his days off he is happily found in the woodshop helping with spoons, making furniture for our home or fulfilling custom orders. Steve's attention to detail and strive for perfection in his woodworking often means he is out in the woodshop until after dark.

 Catie Kidd

A science teacher by trade, Catie finds the woodshop a place for relaxation. Coming to woodworking in her late 30's, Catie has enjoyed developing her skills and continues to learn about the craft through reading and attending workshops when she can. Eager to learn new skills, Catie is keen to add to the shops collection.

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Molly the Woodshop Dog

Molly, the red border collie, has three jobs here at Black Wattle Woodshop. First and foremost, she is our woodshop dog, keeping her eye on the goings on at all times. When she is not supervising Steve and Catie, she is busy herding sheep. Not surprisingly, Molly's  night job is Cuddle Manager, and she can be found sneaking up to the lounge for a snuggle before bed.