big blue cosmetica

It has taken some time, as all good things do, but we are finally here on the interwebs. After years of extensive research, formulation, experimentation, inspiration, perspiration and many a late night faffing on inDesign, I can now proudly present this range of truly environmentally harmless cosmetics and cleaning products, each lovingly formulated to be:

highly effective
at doing what they are supposed to do, at least as effective as the commercially available alternatives if not more so!

perfectly safe
for humans to use and absorb into their skin, and for fishies once washed down the drain


environmentally sustainable
in the sourcing of my ingredients, in my low-to-zero waste production process, in my packaging choices and packaging refilling scheme - see 'important to note' page for more.

My name is Tina, I am a hardcore environmentalist with a background in design, and a huge passion for chemistry, which I am currently majoring in and hope to use as a tool to solve the problems of our broken world, or at least some of them. Big time DIY proponent and all into this zero-waste lifestyle thing. 

Somewhere along the way (around 2015) my interest in chemistry lead me to investigate just what these ingredients in all my potions and lotions really were, which opened my eyes to the horrors of modern cosmetics, and this outrage converged with my growing concern for our environment and all the plastic waste we put into it, and I started teaching myself to refill my shampoo bottles with my own shampoo. Which was not easy. But I've developed my understanding of how to do this, and I've honed my skills. And here we are.

All products are lovingly handmade here in Melbourne, Australia.

From the testimonies of my customers, friends, family, and my own personal experience I can verify: my products work! Well! If its available on this site, it's because I love using it myself, or know people who do.

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