About Us, Behind Our Name


A few years ago I decided to start making small eco friendly changes to my lifestyle, good for me, good for this planet we live on.

I really wanted more people to have easy access to these awesome products without having to compare many of the same products from different makers.

Moppy and Eco is an ever evolving result of this wish which showcases quality, small batch items, lovingly crafted from a select group of makers.

I've personally curated a bespoke collection that is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and predominantly made right here in Australia, giving you more time to enjoy the things you love.

It isn't hard to make small changes to our shopping habits, which will reduce the impact we have on the environment. The makers we promote are small businesses who use sustainable methods, source ethically, and are eco friendly.

Moppy is a nickname my children gave me, I have a lot of hair, and Eco, because we all need to look after this planet.

Please take the time to read the stories of our makers, just as they have taken the time to produce the beautiful items here at Moppy and Eco.  
Tread Lightly