Sustainable Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

When it comes to buying a gift for Mothers Day, we have a great range of personal, practical and beautiful ideas that we are sure your mum will love. They’re consciously designed using environmentally friendly materials, meaning you can gift something awesome while playing your part for the earth. Here are a few of our favourite products.  

Sustainable Style

            Laos Dome Earrings as worn by Emma Watson sustainable fashion at Moppy and Eco                            Sustainable style Muse Eau De Parfum at Moppy and Eco                       Sustainable jewellery Rock Hollow Earrings at Moppy and Eco

Laos Dome Earrings worn by Emma Watson

The Laos Dome earrings are the definition of sustainable: environmentally, they are upcycled from shrapnel and debris, culturally, they are made by fair trade Laotian artisans who developed this craft technique in the 1970s, and socially, men and women work side by side at homemade earthen kilns in their gardens.

Emma Watson wore these earrings and told the story of our jewellery on The Ellen Show as part of her Beauty and the Beast The Press Tour, promoting sustainable and ethical fashion brands.

Muse Eau De Parfum

We are committed to improving the status of our world, to curating a sustainable and responsible future. 

Let’s do good things together. Good for Earth. Great for you.

All the ingredients, every fragrance, oil, extract & aroma is a hybrid blend of natural & synthetic materials (the good kind), cruelty-free, vegan & sourced locally #AustralianMade.

Everything is hand-made. From filling the bottles & capping the lids to packing each box & delivering to your door (or office!). Oh, did we mention it’s all done right here in Sydney - carbon footprint, be gone!

All  packaging (labels, boxes, wrapping & more) is made from recycled cardboard or FSC Certified paper. If we didn’t tell you, you’d barely notice the difference.

Rock Hollow Earrings

The pieces are made with handpainted artwork scanned and then UV printed onto sustainably sourced hoop pine which is then laser cut and threaded with stainless steel hoops - excellent for sensitive ears.

They are super lightweight, and created with heartfelt conscious connection ready to uplift.

Conscious Self Care

                                  Bamboo Toothbrush and Holder Set at Moppy and Eco                Supersoft Cleaning Brush at Moppy and Eco

Reusable Makeup Removal Pads

These double-sided bamboo cotton pads are the perfect alternative to disposable cotton pads or balls, excellent for general cleansing and removing makeup. These are non-toxic, soft, durable, and can be washed in the washing machine. They save both money and the environment as they replace up to 500 single-use makeup wipes. 

The reusable 8cm circles are made from 2 layers of super-soft bamboo fleece. They have a natural colour on both sides. The zero-waste pack is safe for you and the planet and contains 10 pads in a cotton laundry bag

Bamboo Toothbrush and Holder Set

Who said your toothbrush and holder had to be boring? Turn a necessity into a statement piece for your bathroom, while prioritizing your oral hygiene. Our research led us to create a stylish product that can hang and increase your vanity space, while giving your toothbrush the TLC it needs (and we know most don’t get!). Our high quality design and materials means your toothbrush can be used for up to 3 months and your holder can be used for 6 - 12 months, at which time we recommend replacing with your next set!

Supersoft Cleansing Brush

This Super Soft Cleansing Brush is extremely gentle and perfect for all skin types. It's made with 350,000 silky-soft fibres that are so fine they can target even the most difficult-to-reach areas. 

The bamboo brush has ultrasoft, ultrafine bamboo charcoal infused silk fibres for enhanced face cleansing and makeup removal. It provides a natural way to deep cleanse your skin and create a gentle means of exfoliation. It's perfect for sensitive, delicate or dry skin. The massage wave points will gently clean your pores and clean away your face oil while keeping your skin soft. 

Get sustainable in the Kitchen

          eco friendly pink salt dishwashing tablets at Moppy and Eco                      Zero waste kitchen essentials at Moppy and Eco                      Pink Salt Dishwashing Tablets at Moppy and Eco

Pink Salt Dishwashing Tablets

These powerful Cajeput Scented dishwasher tablets are made in small batches that will clean your dishes while also deodorising your dishwasher. 

What is Cajeput?
Well its a wonderfully aromatic Australian Native oil that smells similar to Eucalyptus but a tad 'fresher'.

Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials Kit

Be a Zero Waste Warrior with our reusable and environmentally friendly 24 piece zero waste kitchen essentials kit. You will never need plastic wrap again! 

With our Kitchen Starter Kits you are on the road to having an eco-friendly kitchen and becoming plastic-free! 

The kit contains 7 bowl covers in different sizes, 4 zip lock food pouches, 6 organic cotton produce bags, straw set of 3 (includes 2 straw cleaners), an organic mesh shopping bag, and a Free Gift !

 All purpose Cleaning Spray

This all-purpose cleaning spray is made with the highest quality, potent organic essential oils to keep your home free from all the nasties. It is made in small batches from simple, natural and organic ingredients. 

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